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Somerset Baptist Church

Paving the Way Landscaping Project


Somerset Baptist Church would like to invite you to purchase a commemorative engraved brick paver to create a lasting tribute to honor you or your family members as a memorial, for birthdays, military service or perhaps your favorite scripture. The commemorative bricks will be laid within the landscape in front of Somerset Baptist Church.


This project is a unique and timeless opportunity for recognizing the special members of your family or other important people in your life. This is a gift that is not only beautiful but will serve as a lifetime memory on display in front of Somerset Baptist Church to viewed by all who enter our front doors. Please take and complete a form on which to submit your customized paver order. All orders must be paid when your order form is submitted. 


Your support and consideration are appreciated. Funds collected through this project will be used towards ongoing landscaping improvements.


Your 4”x 8” brick paver will be customized with your personal message engraved with 3 lines of text with up to 16 characters per line. Note: Spaces and punctuation are counted as characters. Cost: $50


An optional 4th line of text can be added to your paver. Cost: $5


We have 12 decorative logos, found on the back of the order form, that can be added to your paver. Please add the logo number to your form. Cost: $10


If this will be a memorial gift for someone outside your family, please complete the section at the bottom of the form so that we can notify the family of the honoree of your generous gift.


Order form and money can be dropped off at church office or mailed to

PO Box 99

Somerset, TX 78069

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