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What is American Heritage Girls (AHG)?

American Heritage Girls (AHG) was founded by a group of parents wanting a faith-based, scout-type character development program for their daughters in 1995. The AHG Program is dedicated to the mission of building women of integrity through service to God, family, community, and country. AHG girls across the nation and the globe participate in badge programs, service projects, leadership opportunities, and outdoor experiences, all with an emphasis on Christian values and family involvement.

Program Overview

American Heritage Girls is a Christ-centered character and leadership development program for girls 5 to 18 years of age with a family-friendly, multi-level Troop structure.

Levels of Participation

Pathfinder (ages 5-6)

Under tender loving leadership from volunteers and older girls in the Troop, Pathfinders grow in knowledge and truth. Through fun Troop activities, younger girls can foster their natural curiosity and creativity while learning what it means to be an American Heritage Girl. Pathfinders become anchored in Christ through fundamental faith lessons and Troop service events. These girls begin the AHG Program with experiences in life skills, outdoor adventures, leadership, and social interactions. Parents are encouraged to enjoy the AHG Program with their daughters at the Pathfinder Level. Girls at this Program Level can achieve the following:

  • Necklace beads for attendance and participation

  • Program and Event Patches

  • Fanny Crosby Level Award

Tenderheart (ages 6-9)

As Tenderhearts, young girls learn to boldly explore the world around them through the AHG 
Program. Tenderhearts grow in their faith and life skills through Troop activities, service and
leadership opportunities, outdoor adventures, and earned achievements. This Program Level
encourages girls to set goals and teaches them about dedication and perseverance. As a
Tenderheart, each girl has the opportunity to grow and discover new passions and interests. Girls at this Program Level can achieve the following:

  • Faith Awards

  • Service Stars

  • Badges in six Frontiers of Skill

  • Sports Pins

  • Program and Event Patches

  • Sacagawea Level Award

Explorer (ages 9-12)

Ready to take on more responsibility, Explorers are eager to grow in all areas of AHG. As 
Explorers progress through the AHG Program, they will have greater opportunities for service,
leadership, and life skill experiences. Explorers love the welcoming and fun environment! Girls at
this Program Level can achieve the following:

  • Faith Awards

  • Service Stars

  • Badges in six Frontiers of Skill

  • Sports Pins

  • Program and Event Patches

  • Ida Scudder Level Award

Pioneer (ages 12-14)

Pioneers are given the opportunity to find out who they truly are in Christ. Girls are encouraged
to explore their interests and abilities in a safe environment. The Pioneer Level is where a girl’s
Christian leadership skills accelerate through advanced opportunities in the Troop and
community. Girls at this Program Level can achieve the following:

  • Faith Awards

  • Service Stars

  • Badges in six Frontiers of Skill

  • Sports Pins

  • Program and Event Patches

  • Harriet Tubman Level Award

Patriot (ages 14-18)

Teenage girls learn life skills vital to adulthood through Troop activities and Girl Leadership
opportunities. Unit Leaders serve as facilitators as Patriots take on more ownership of their Unit,
allowing girls to make decisions regularly. Girl friendships deepen through outdoor experiences
and high adventure opportunities. Patriots develop rich spiritual maturity and practice their
faith through servant leadership. Girls at this Program Level can achieve the following:

  • Faith Awards

  • Service Stars

  • Badges in six Frontiers of Skill

  • Sports Pins

  • Program and Event Patches

  • Abigail Adams Level Award

  • Stars & Stripes Award, (AHG’s Highest Honor)

Program Emphasis

AHG’s Program Emphases creates a well-rounded experience for girls. A girl who completes the AHG Program will be a Christ-following servant leader who is honoring, relational, anchored in Christ, and competent: a woman of integrity.
The American Heritage Girls Badge Program provides opportunities for girls to interact across age groups, as older girls teach younger girls. Each badge can be earned at three different levels (Tenderheart, Explorer, and Pioneer/Patriot).


Faith: Girls are encouraged to grow in their faith and relationship with God through the AHG Faith Award Program, prayer, fellowship, and service, which are woven throughout each aspect of the AHG Program.

Leadership: The AHG Program is rich in leadership opportunities for girls of all ages. Girls discover their passions, acquire project management skills, hold leadership positions, and participate in leadership training.

Social & Emotional: Girls will gain a better understanding of their identity in Christ through the AHG Program. AHG’s multi-level Troop structure encourages girls to create friendships with girls of all ages. This unique Troop Structure allows for mentorships and learning opportunities to occur naturally among girls. Girls learn to anchor their emotions in Christ in a caring and loving environment.


Outdoors: Nature reveals to us God’s beauty, glory, power, wisdom, presence, creativity, and, most of all, His loving care. Through the AHG Program, girls are encouraged to participate in outdoor activities such as hiking or camping several times a year. High Adventure activities are great times for team building, leadership, physical activity, and strengthening relationships with friends. The outdoors will educate girls about their natural world and the beauty God has bestowed upon them.


Citizenship: The AHG Program provides girls with a deeper understanding of their country and heritage. Girls cultivate honor for their country by participating in patriotic events, flag ceremonies, serving in their community, and through badge work. Serving others and being active citizens with their Troop fosters a lifelong love for their country.


Lifeskills: In the AHG Program, girls can step out of their comfort zone and try new experiences in a safe environment. Earning badges provides girls the opportunity to learn a wide array of life skills, inspiring them to become lifelong learners and doers. AHG’s six Badge Frontiers include: Heritage, Family Living, Arts, Outdoor Skills, PersonalWell-Being, and Science & Technology.

Meeting Time

Regular meetings will typically be held each Tuesday with the exception of the 4th Tuesday of each month, from August - May from 6:30 - 8:00 PM.


We will take breaks for major holidays. A calendar of regular meeting dates will be made available at the beginning of the club year. Leadership committee meetings will generally be held on the 4th Tuesday of each month. Meetings will usually begin and end in the church sanctuary.

Uniform Standard

For most of our Tuesday night meetings, all girls are required to wear the Class A uniform that corresponds to their unit (detailed below), along with navy-colored bottoms to include her choice of navy-colored skirts, shorts, or slacks. All shorts, skirts, or slacks must be fingertip length; jeans, jeggings, and leggings are not permissible. For outdoor activities or other special events, we may specify to wear Class B t-shirts along with more athletic or casual bottoms; these class B t-shirts are not a required uniform item at this time. Closed-toe shoes are required for all meetings and outings. In addition, handbooks are a necessity to your daughter’s success.


Membership Costs

Neither the AHG national organization nor our local troop receives any funding from outside sources. All costs of running the troop and national organization come through donations, dues, and fundraising. Here's an idea of the costs to join our troop:


National AHG membership fee per youth or adults

$40.00 yearly, per girl
*sister cap of $105.00


Local troop dues (youth only)

$40.00 each semester, fall & spring, per girl
*sister discount of $5.00 per semester will apply for each additional daughter

These local troop dues will cover 5 badges and one service star per year as well as help support the purchase of needed teaching supplies. Families will be responsible for the cost of any additional badges or service stars earned, and for any optional activity patches & pins that are sometimes offered. Certain special events, such as campouts, will incur additional fees.


Please let our treasurer know if you need assistance with making American Heritage girls' participation more affordable through the availability of a payment plan.


We are allowed to have up to 3  fundraisers as a troop. Participation is encouraged, but not mandatory. Merchandise prizes are sometimes awarded for sales.


Unfortunately, due to IRS regulations, we cannot give cash prizes (credit towards individual dues, special events, or registration). Better fundraising means lowered troop dues in the future, lower activity costs, and the ability to purchase gear for our troop.


Pathfinder: Class A uniform consists of an official pathfinder t-shirt & special beaded necklace.

  • A starter package runs $35.23* and includes a handbook.

Tenderheart & Explorer: Class A uniform for a Tenderheart primarily consists of a red vest & blue neckerchief and the Explorer’s primarily consists of a navy vest & red neckerchief. Both vests will have a flag patch, troop number patches, and AHG pin. These vests are to be worn over a white polo shirt. Both of these levels use the same handbook.

  • Basic vest kit: $39.60*

  • Tenderheart/Explorer handbook: $19.99*


  • Uniform start-up package: $84.21*; includes vest kit, official polo, badge magic, and handbook.

Pioneer & Patriot: Class A for both levels primarily consists of a navy blue sash with the flag patch, troop number patches, and AHG pin. However, the Pioneer girls wear white polos and the Patriot girls wear red polos. Both of these levels use the same handbook.

  • Sash pkg: $19.05*

  • Pioneer/Patriot handbook: $19.99*


  • Uniform Start-up package: $65.72*; includes sash, official polo, patches & pins, badge magic, and a handbook.


Registered Adults: All registered adults are asked to purchase and wear a $4.99* identification lanyard. Anyone may wear AHG apparel but only designated unit leaders will be required to do so.

*Prices may vary slightly due to sizes & sales promotions

Troop Operations, Youth Safety, and Parent Membership

It is our troop policy that at least one parent remains on the church premises during our Tuesday night meetings. 

American Heritage Girls troops are operated by parent volunteers. We ask that each parent contributes to providing a great program for our daughters by volunteering in some capacity. This does not mean all parents are expected to serve or lead on a nightly basis; instead, this may include helping to organize a single camping trip or service project, leading a social event, teaching a badge, or simply being present in a room to help meet two-deep leadership quotas, becoming part of the ministry team through leadership, or some other manner.

Your daughter’s safety is extremely important to us. Every registered leader undergoes Youth Protection Training and our troop maintains 2-deep leadership at all times. Once a girl becomes registered with American Heritage Girls, she is covered under AHG’s national liability policy. Registered adults are also covered by AHG’s national liability policy.

As such, at least one parent from each family will be required to become a registered adult as a condition of their daughter’s membership. This will incur a once-yearly National Membership Fee ($40.00) but no additional fees are assessed at the troop level. It is best that this registered adult be the parent that is most likely to attend regular
meetings and campouts, however, this does NOT limit your daughter’s participation to only participating when the registered parent is able to attend. In the instance that the registered parent is unable to attend, we simply require that another authorized parent or guardian remains on the church premises. However, you must be a registered adult to
participate in any camping or overnight activities with your child.


Exceptions to the policy are under extenuating circumstances only; please speak with the Charter Representative, Ginger Wold, if you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy.

For those with sons between the ages of 5-18, there is also a Trail Life USA troop that meets at the same time & location to allow all your school-age children to get involved without scheduling conflicts! For more info, please email:

Start Your Daughters' Registration

Thank you for reaching out to us; we will be in touch soon to assist you in registering for AHG.

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