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The Adventurers Program

(age 14-18)

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For older boys in the Navigators and the Adventurers programs, the focus moves from creating foundational knowledge to helping internalize his faith, integrate it as his worldview, live with integrity, share with intentionality, and use his spiritual gifts to impact others through service.

In Trail Life USA, skills universally needed for godly manhood are developed through required Trail Badges as boys earn the ranks of Able and Ready, as well as the Journey, Horizon, and Freedom Awards. Elective Trail Badges help a Trailman
explore unique areas of gifting and come to understand the way God has specially created him. Trail Life has even created a unique Design-Your-Own-Badge program where Trailmen can work within a provided framework alongside a mentor to develop a Badge that is unique to their specific interests.


Trail Life USA is not just an outdoor program that incorporates a Christian experience. Trail Life is at its core a Christ-centered program that utilizes the outdoors to draw boys and their families into a closer relationship with their creator.

A Christian worldview is integrated into every part of the program because it is critical to both our mission and vision as well as to the spiritual growth of every Trailman who commits himself to the values we uphold. In the Navigators and Adventurers programs, the Branches from the Woodlands Trail program become Frontiers to be
explored as Trailmen continue along the trail.

Adventurers, young men in grades 9-12, mature in wisdom and faith through more difficult challenges and leadership activities with Christian men walking alongside them. They plan outdoor events, large projects, and hold leadership positions in the Troop.


Adventurers Trailmen have six required Trail Badges targeted at the needs and abilities of older boys. The focus moves more toward servant leadership, teamwork, faith-building activities, and experiences in the community.
The Adventurers Program offers more freedom for older boys who can handle it. You will still have plenty to do, but your work is more subtle, and it becomes easier as the boys take on more of the load.

The Freedom Award is the highest award in the Trail Life USA. It is an achievement accomplished by the few who reach the apex of the Trail Life Program. Earning the award requires a demonstrated mastery of a significant skill set including 15 required and 10 elective Trail Badges, performing 20 hours of servant service each year, and the distinction of having proven himself as a leader among his peers. He must also
complete four "Freedom Experiences" in 3 separate chosen fields; complete a Faith Building Activity; budget, plan, and organize a volunteer team to complete a Servant Leadership Project; and complete an advancement conference and formal Freedom Board of Review.

On the Trail to Freedom, one of the most meaningful ways Trailmen come to understand their gifting is through serving. Service in the church and the community is a significant part of the Trail Life program. Outdoor adventure provides fertile ground for relationships to be fostered. As relationships grow, young men begin to learn skills and serve alongside their adult mentors. As Trailmen serve, they begin to find purpose and
fulfillment. As Trailmen understand they were created by God for his glory, to be his hands and feet to others, they find fulfillment in service and begin to understand their giftedness. As they use their gifts, they hone in on career and ministry paths that will set the tone for the rest of their life.

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